At Pacific Fair, the safety of our customers and staff members continues to be our top priority and we are working hard during these times to ensure our customers enjoy a safe shopping experience from start to finish.

To increase hygiene measures in-centre, we have installed a new Contactless Parking system with a new wave technology so that you no longer need to touch the ticket dispenser on arrival.

How does the Contactless Parking system work?

On Arrival:
Instead of pushing the button at the ticket dispenser on arrival, simply wave your hand at the ticket dispenser to activate the sensor and wait for the ticket to be dispensed. Once the ticket has been dispensed, take your ticket and proceed to park your vehicle.

On Departure:
If your shopping trip remains under 5 hours, simply insert your ticket in the ticket dispenser on departure for the boom gates to lift.


Enjoy 5 Hours Free parking per day

Pacific Fair offers customers 5 hours free parking per day and free all-day parking if you spend $300 or more and wish to stay over 5 hours. To redeem free all-day parking, simply present your same day receipts at Concierge. Customers may leave and return to the centre within the same day and will not be charged as long as the time does not exceed 5 hours. If you have stayed over 5 hours, parking charges apply.

While not all car parks can be accessed 24 hours a day, you can leave the car park at any time. The 5 hour free parking limit resets at 1am daily.


3.0-3.5   FREE
3.5-4.0   FREE
4.0-4.5   FREE
4.5-5.0   FREE
5.0-5.5   $13
5.5-6.0   $15
6.0-6.5   $18
6.5-7.0   $20
7.0-7.5   $22
7.5-8.0   $25
8+          $25
Customers receive FREE parking after 5pm. Please be advised that customers who enter prior to 5pm (i.e. 4:59pm) and stay longer than 5 hours will be charged.



Big W , David Jones and Australian Designers – Level 1 or 2 of Green car park, accessed via Hooker Boulevard or flyover from the centre western entry

Myer, Kmart – Red car park, accessed via Gold Coast Highway (over Pacific Fair Drive Bridge) or Ring Road off Melody Street

Woolworth and Coles – Lower Ground or Ground Floor of Green car park, accessed via Melody Street or Sunshine Boulevard

Target – Blue car park, accessed via Hooker Boulevard or flyover from the centre western entry (continue East to the undercover parking). Or, Lower Ground of Yellow car park, accessed via Hooker Boulevard or Gold Coast Highway (over Pacific Fair Drive Bridge)


Click here for a list of car park height restrictions per entry point.

Valet Parking

Try our premium Valet Parking Service open daily


We're proud to be the only Tesla Supercharger site on the Gold Coast with eight charging stations available!


Recharge your car while you shop with four electric vehicle charging stations available.