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Welcome to the world’s first shopping centre podcast and blog, Two Girls And Nothing To Wear, brought to you by Pacific Fair.

This weekly podcast and blog is your one-stop-shop for what’s hot in the fashion world, alongside everything you need to know in the beauty, food, lifestyle and events space.

You can look forward to interviews with industry experts, influential leaders and inspirational people making waves across all categories. Hosted by stylist extraordinaire Yvette Hardy and fashion-loving lawyer, Violet Atkinson, this show should be at the top of your subscription list!

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Homebodii on running a business

On this week’s podcast episode of ‘Two Girls and Nothing to Wear’ we talk about running a successful business with Hombodii founder, Ingrid Bonner who makes it look like a breeze! With her gorgeous Homebodii robes & sleepwear stocked in David Jones stores around the country, including Pacific Fair, we had to sit down with her to pick her brain on all things business to gather her top tips for you!

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On this week’s podcast episode of ‘Two Girls and Nothing to Wear’ we talk to beauty guru James Charles. If you’ve ever found yourself watching back-to-back makeup videos on YouTube, you may have come across the super talented beauty extraordinaire, James Charles. With over 12 million online followers and being the first male brand ambassador for Cover Girl, James is now a beauty icon. From sharing his #1 beauty step to how he deals with the pressure of being on the top of the beauty game, James is a force to be reckoned with, and on this week’s podcast and blog he shares his best advice.

Posted: 11/07/2018 2:30:19 PM by Pacific Fair


Season 2 of ‘Two Girls and Nothing to Wear’ has launched and we're kicking off with the winter fashion trends you need now! Although we're in the midst of the season, there’s still time to refine your winter wardrobe with some on-trend pieces that our hosts Yvette Hady and Emily Whitlock couldn't help but share.

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Affordable Fashion with @what_brooke_wore

In this week’s podcast we speak to affordable fashion expert and creator of Instagram account @what_brooke_wore

Posted: 8/05/2018 4:03:35 PM by AMP Admin

Gina Liano’s Top Tips For The Glam Life

In this week’s podcast we speak to Real Housewife of Melbourne Gina Liano.
If you’ve ever wanted to know how to live your life like Real Housewives of Melbourne star and glam queen, Gina Liano, now’s your chance to get her top tips and start implementing them into your life! From rocking high heels to being the best Mum you can be, Gina reveals all and more in this week’s podcast:

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Affordable Homeware with @i_heart_kmart

In this week's podcast we speak to Helen James, creator of the Instagram account @i_heart_kmart.

Posted: 23/04/2018 2:36:16 PM by Pacific Fair

How To Rock Athleisurewear With Confidence with Emily Skye

On our podcast this week we talk to one of the most influential fitness identities in the world, Emily Skye.  Athleisurewear can seem like a daunting trend for someone who hasn’t given it a go, and rightly so, how does someone actually wear it with confidence?

Posted: 16/04/2018 11:40:44 AM by Pacific Fair

Word on the Street with Quade Cooper

On our podcast this week we talk to rugby star Quade Cooper about all things Streetwear!  If you’ve ever wondered how you can jump on the coolest streetwear trends, you’ll be glad to know there are some key pieces you can find at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre! 

Posted: 9/04/2018 10:25:57 AM by Pacific Fair


In our latest podcast  Yvette & Violet chat to Kimberley White about all the fashion rules you should be breaking and her best tips for living the glam mum life.

Posted: 3/04/2018 7:59:42 AM by Pacific Fair

The Joy of Food with Nicole Joy

This week, foodie Nicole Joy shares with us two of her favourite recipes - Vegan Burrito Bowl and Chocolate Brownies.

Posted: 26/03/2018 6:10:30 PM by Pacific Fair


From rappers influencing streetwear to Audrey Hepburn’s influence on timeless fashion, it’s all here in episode 4! If you’re looking to dive deep into the fashion cycle, look no further! 

Posted: 20/03/2018 5:22:00 PM by Pacific Fair

Kimberley Gardner's Top Fashion Tips

Kimberly Gardner, David Jones Head Stylist for the A/W National Collections Launch & Style Director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival, on her top fashion tips.

Posted: 13/03/2018 1:28:41 PM by Pacific Fair


This week on the Pacific Fair Two Girls And Nothing To Wear podcast, our hosts, Yvette and Violet sit down with fashion stylist Kimberly Gardner to discuss the trends straight off the runway.

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Fashion items you should save on with Roxy Jacenko

Roxy Jacenko and our Two Girls And Nothing To Wear podcast hosts, Yvette and Violet, give you their best tips on finding affordable fashion that makes you look and feel like a million bucks! 

Posted: 8/03/2018 5:23:47 PM by Pacific Fair

Fashion Items You Should Splurge On with Roxy Jacenko

This week, Roxy Jacenko talks to Violet and Yvette about which splurge items your wardrobe needs.

Posted: 7/03/2018 5:53:46 PM by Pacific Fair

Roxy Jacenko’s Best Fashion Tips

This week we chat to Australian businesswoman, media personality, style maven, mother-of-two and author, Roxy Jacenko about her top fashion tips.

Posted: 6/03/2018 3:36:20 PM by Pacific Fair

Get To Know Co-Host Yvette Hardy

Yvette Hardy is a Gold Coast fashion blogger and Marie Claire Style Set Contributing Stylist and co-host of our Pacific Fair Podcast.

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Get To Know Co-Host Violet Atkinson

Violet Atkinson is a fashion devotee, full-time lawyer and co-host of our Pacific Fair Podcast. 

Posted: 26/02/2018 8:42:54 PM by Pacific Fair

Introducing Two Girls And Nothing To Wear

Pacific Fair is really excited to announce the world’s first shopping centre podcast: Two Girls and Nothing to Wear.

Posted: 26/02/2018 6:43:00 PM by Pacific Fair