Your search for the most comfortable flip flops on earth ends here. The smooth memory foam soles cradles and supports your foot and makes you feel as if you’re walking on air! Take off those stilettos, slip on a pair of Popits, and never look back. 

For you ladies out there who can’t bear to wear flats, or if you’ve never worn a pair of heels - you are in for a treat! Popits Wedges will take you to new heights. The smooth memory foam soles are so incredibly comfortable, once you put on a pair you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without them. Popits Wedges are your new wardrobe must have.

All our footwear comes in a number of fashionable colours, but better yet, you can customise them with gorgeous Popits interchangeable jewellery-grade Charms made from high quality materials like genuine crystals (including Swarovski and Austrian crystals) and plated with rhodium or 14-carat gold.

Popits is the perfect day or night accessory. Pop on a simple charm for your daytime look, then opt for some gorgeous sparkle to take you through the evening. 

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