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We believe that every person deserves beautiful products and tools to create, correct, camouflage and enhance our timeless beauty, which gives us the confidence to conquer all elements of our day. 

"Our VISION is to provide expert knowledge and the highest QUALITY products to create BALANCE for urban glamour and HARMONY."

We help women and men of all ages by developing the tools and of the highest quality to create perfect brows, symmetry, and definition to sculpt their natural beauty.  Garbo & Kelly is dedicated to creating quick, effective, anti-ageing and youthful beauty techniques that deliver the tools and tricks to create movie star looks at home in minutes. 

Founded by one of the world’s most renowned brow experts with more than twenty years’ experience in the world of beauty,  Carolyn Fox. For decades, Carolyn has shared her passion for enhancing a client’s inner and timeless beauty throughout the Australian market. She has been featured in InStyle, ACA, NW, Woman’s Weekly and Woman’s Day for her work in the beauty industry and was crowned one of Australia’s top brow experts by Harper’s Bazaar.

Following a chance meeting with Anastasia Soare whilst visiting Beverly Hills to attend the Academy Awards, Carolyn began to focus her expertise on the most vital part of a woman’s visage – perfect brows, chiseled cheeks and defined lips.
The results ensure every woman & man has the access and tools to create superstar looks.
In 2017, Carolyn introduced Garbo & Kelly 

Stop by Garbo & Kelly, now open on Level 1 near Homebodii.

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