Gucci SS18 Children's Collection

Tokyo-based artist Yuko Higuchi has acquired a reputation, largely online, as a creator of bizarre and whimsical works, featuring characters that evoke the surreal spirit of Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland, or a dark Beatrix Potter.

Anthropomorphic rabbits, innocent young girls, cat-octopuses and walking mushrooms combine to create imagery that is haunting and childlike, and which, as in all good fairy tales, suggests a mood of mystery and a hint of menace. Higuchi’s dream-like work speaks of a creative vision that is, in many ways, very similar to Gucci’s.

Thus, the House has collaborated with Higuchi to incorporate her designs into its spring/summer 2018 childrenswear collection – here the starring animal is the cat. The imagery appears on a large variety of pieces, including sleep suits, jackets, T-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, knitwear, hats, hairbands, swimwear and shoes. There are even bibs and blankets decorated with Higuchi’s distinctive designs, and for older children, a range of leather backpacks and totes that also feature her work.

In addition to the pieces for children, Gucci has also created two prints with Higuchi for the men’s and women’s collections for spring/summer 2018. For men, a blue on cream fantasy landscape print, inhabited by rabbits, has been used as the lining of a jacket. This print also features on a scarf. For women, another decorative print, this time in red on a white background, makes an appearance on a shirt. The same print is also available on a scarf (which comes in four different colours).

Yuko Higuchi says, “In the past couple of years I have often visited Gucci store windows as a source of inspiration for my work. So, when I was asked to create original illustrations for the House, I felt it was a dream come true. I felt greatly honoured. I often get ideas from looking at antiques and old things, and I have the sense that in this respect my aesthetic taste is similar to that of Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director.”