Napoleon Perdis is the king of makeup and an Australia icon. If there’s someone who’s going to give you worthwhile makeup tips, it’s Napoleon Perdis. So on this week’s podcast we ask him for all of his best makeup tips and how he built one of Australia’s most successful beauty brands.


Not to prime is a crime
Napoleon Perdis is known for his saying, “not to prime is a crime!” and he lives by that motto every day. Starting off your face with a primer will allow your makeup to last longer and will give your skin what it needs. “I’ll give you a tip, I not only use Auto Pilot Primer on the face of customers and myself, but I also use it as a moisturiser through the hair because it gives you a bit of moisture without being too oily.”


Do a face mask regularly
“Once I peel off the Egyptian Ceremony Gold Peel-Off Mask, I have a complete canvas - it’s like my skin has had a facelift and a cleanse in the one and I carry it everywhere with me.”


Mascara and brows first
Doing mascara and brows first allows you “to see where you want to go with your makeup”, says Napoleon. “It sets a framework. By doing brows, mascara, and then eye makeup, you can do your concealer and everything else last. So, if there’s any fallout, you can clean it up.


Test foundation around the nose and cheeks
“I always advise to test foundation around the nose and cheek area, because when someone first looks at you, they look at your eyes and your lips. This middle area of the face is what I call the heart and soul of the face. If the makeup is perfect there, it should blend out into nothing and into a perfectly-flawless look."


Keep your lips hydrated
“I love Lip Service because I just love lip moisturisation and you can just take it anywhere. My daughter made me obsessed with it because you can just pump up and add moisture, whether it’s evening or day.”


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