Gina Liano’s Top Tips For The Glam Life

High Heels
There’s many things Gina knows how to do well, but one of them is wearing a pair of gorgeous high heels! If you’ve ever wanted to elevate your style game (and your height!), then this is the perfect way to add a touch of glam to any outfit.
“You just change your whole posture when you’ve got a pair of high heels on. You can put jeans and a t-shirt on and it automatically looks glam. Heels lift what you’re wearing and makes it more glamorous.” – Gina Liano

Embrace your personal style
Known for dressing to the nines no matter what the occasion, Gina knows a thing or two about shopping for the glam life. Having never owned jeans or a tracksuit, Gina embraces her personal style and let’s everyone know it and when it comes to glam, that usually means sequins!
“I’ve never had comfy jeans or a tracksuit. I’ve never thrown something on and gone down the street” – Gina Liano

Makeup is a great way to express your personality and creativity. Whether you like a small pop of colour on the eyes or if a nude lip is your signature look, there are so many ways makeup can work for you. There are a range of amazing makeup brands and products stocked at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre waiting to be snapped up!
“I’ve always worn makeup and I’ve always been a bit of a girls-girl when it comes to that sort of thing. A lot of my inspiration comes from MAC. I love the fact that they have high pigment and that there’s a real substance behind the product itself” – Gina Liano

Motherhood has its challenges, but overall, it’s an extremely rewarding experience. Take a leaf out of Gina’s book and embrace motherhood with open arms. You not only learn a lot about your children, but you learn a whole lot more about yourself!
“Raising children is a bit like a science experiment – you feed them, you water them, you put them to bed and they just grow. As a mother, I think your job is when you put your children to bed at night, that they can go to a safe place in their mind.” – Gina Liano
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