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Ever wanted to look a million bucks on a budget? Well, now you can! Jump on board the affordable fashion train, stopping all stations! There’s so much you can do with a few core pieces – from styling them up and down to wearing them for every season. Want to know everything you need to take your wardrobe to the next level for less? Then keep on reading!

Striped T-Shirt

T-shirts are an absolute must in every wardrobe, no matter what your style is! You can wear a t-shirt with jeans, shorts, skirts, under a dress and much more. Not only that, but they can be dressed up & down. Rather than just going for plain colours, stock up on stripes for all of those nautical vibes!

“You can put it with so much and I probably own about 40 of them!” – Brooke


Leather Jacket

There’s not many things you can’t do in a leather or faux leather jacket, and that’s why they’re so popular! No matter what the trends are, a leather jacket never goes out of style. It’s one of those pieces that you’ll have in your wardrobe forever and you’ll be glad you did!

“They’re versatile – you can dress them up, you can dress them down, you can wear them to work and you can hang it on your shoulders” – Brooke



Good jeans can be hard to find, but once you figure out what fit works for you, you’ll be obsessed! Luckily, there’s so many different washes and styles on the market, making them the most universally-flattering piece on the market.

“My favourite place for denim is Jeanswest. I love the fit and they have some really good pieces out at the moment. Plus, dark denim is always a winner” - Brooke


Nude shoes

Take your look to new heights with a nude shoe! Whether that’s a heel or a flat, your legs will look super long. You can find some affordable styles from a range of Pacific Fair retailers. This is the trick that every woman should know!

“Nude shoes elongate the leg. People will say I look taller in photos but I credit it all to the nude shoe” – Brooke


What would corporate dressing be without a blazer? Not only does a blazer make you look the part for any boardroom meeting, it will also be your best friend when you want to look chic and sophisticated.

“Blazers are one of my wardrobe must-haves. They’re always nice to dress up an outfit with” - Brooke


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