Kimberley Gardner's Top Fashion Tips

This week on the Pacific Fair Two Girls And Nothing To Wear Podcast, co-hosts Yvette and Violet chat to Kimberly Gardner, David Jones Head Stylist for the A/W National Collections Launch & Style Director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival, on her top fashion tips. If you’d like to know Kimberly’s tips to rocking all things fashion, keep on reading:
  1. Relook at yourself in the mirror. Make sure you have an icon who you would 100% want to look your absolute best for and think ‘would I wear that in front of that person?’. If the answer is no, ditch it.
  2. Don’t keep buying something you’ve already got. People tend to keep buying the same thing that suits them. What’s the point? You’re going to look the same all the time. Do your research and stick to one style you really like that works for you and suits you.
  3. My go-to is a great sneaker, but I like to mix it, I don’t like to play it safe.
  4. My biggest fashion faux par is showing too much. The unknown is far superior than the known. For example, a girl in a great suit with nothing underneath is sexier than a little dress that you’re falling out of.
  5. My best tip for shopping on a budget is to get creative, buy a blazer from an affordable store and then go to a craft store and put gold buttons on it, to make it look expensive!

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