Fashion Items You Should Splurge On with Roxy Jacenko

This week on the Pacific Fair Podcast, we discuss splurge items you need in your wardrobe with Roxy, and our podcast hosts, Yvette and Violet. If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s worth spending a few more pennies on, then make sure you keep reading: 

Corporate Wear 
"Splurge on a good black pant, there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting pant that’s all crumpled up on the crotch area for a woman. With pieces like the jacket, the pant and the skirt, make them your classics and spend extra money on them. Scanlan Theodore is one of my corporate go-to’s” - Roxy 

“Luxurious fabric and tailoring goes a long way, especially with pieces like a black jacket. It’s something that’s going to be in your wardrobe forever” – Yvette


“I recently bought some really great sunglasses at Harrolds, here at Pacific Fair from Linda Farrow. I think it’s important to have good quality lenses, especially with the sun here on the Gold Coast” – Roxy

“I do splurge on handbags. If you have a wardrobe full of good quality items, you can mix that up and splurge on a handbag. Save up to buy a good quality handbag, like one from Louis Vuitton, Prada or Gucci” – Roxy

“I was a uni student up until a few years ago, so I never had the cash flow. My first splurge was a Gucci bag and I had lusted over this for six months. I take it everywhere with me” - Violet

Denim Jacket
“I think that’s a staple. I’ve always had a denim jacket. I would splurge on that, although I know a lot of people would save. But a denim jacket isn’t going out of fashion if you get a classic style and wash” – Roxy

“A watch is one of my top three splurges” – Roxy

“This is something that goes season-to-season and with saying that, there’s a lot of great options out there at the moment” - Roxy

“A well-fitted bra is very important. You don’t want your bits hanging down to your ankles, so I would definitely splurge on a good bra” – Roxy

“I have to say I think the biggest fashion faux pas is visible bra lines and underwear. Make sure you choose your bra and underwear for your outfit.” - Yvette

Denim shorts
“Denim shorts are very versatile. I purchase most of mine from J Brand and Citizens of Humanity” – Roxy

“While I do love denim shorts, I really love a good fitting jean too. I find you can get some great pairs from General Pants. If you’re looking to spend a bit more money, Ksubi jeans really hold their shape” - Violet

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