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On this week’s podcast episode of ‘Two Girls and Nothing to Wear’ we talk about running a successful business with Hombodii founder, Ingrid Bonner who makes it look like a breeze! With her gorgeous Homebodii robes & sleepwear stocked in David Jones stores around the country, including Pacific Fair, we had to sit down with her to pick her brain on all things business to gather her top tips for you!

Find your niche
Before I had my daughter, I was looking for comfortable pyjamas to wear in hospital. I couldn’t find anything, and I have absolutely no background in fashion. So, I went and found beautiful fabric on the internet, found a dressmaker and made a few robes.

I wore them to hospital and a friend said, “gee, that’s really nice” – at the time I was on maternity leave and I made a few more robes. I then went to a market and they completely sold out and I thought, ‘there’s something here’.

Identify your brand ethos
The ethos for Homebodii is, Celebrating the special moments in life. We create garments that make women feel special and garments that actually feel good when you put them on.

Accounting sets the foundation
If someone was looking to start their own brand or their own business, I couldn’t highlight enough the importance of accounting. I’d say 90% of my time is doing accounts, bookkeeping and managing that side of the business, whereas 10% is designing.

A good foundation and understanding margins, exchange rates, tax, duties - that’s a really important part of fashion and a business. If you can get your head around that, then you can worry about all the pretty things like the website, because at the end of the day you’ve got to survive.

Personalise customer service
Customer service is huge in our business. I think there’s a big shift back towards getting good customer service. We’ll pick up the phone, we’ll actually talk to you and that’s a big thing for us. It’s that one-on-one personalised service which is big for us. The customer has a better chance of being a returning customer because they’ve had that positive and personalised customer service experience.


Base yourself where you feel is right
I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than the Gold Coast. I was born here, my husband was born here, my kids were born here. I love the Gold Coast, I’m a big advocate for it. It’s the small business capital of Australia and people want to be here. We’ve got the temperature, the lifestyle, the schools, the beach. We’re only an e-mail away from anywhere.

David Jones Pacific Fair was our first David Jones store and I have it on good authority that the Pacific Fair David Jones store is the baby of David Jones, it’s his favourite, so we were very fortunate to launch here.

David Jones have been a great partner for us and we’re very proud of the Pacific Fair store and the whole team there.

You can find Homebodii in David Jones at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.

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