If you’ve ever wanted to know the ins and outs of all things festivals and the top fashion tips that go along with it, you’re going to LOVE this blog post! We’re joined by fashionistas and keen festival-goers, Lucy Jackson and Nikki Wescott from popular Instagram account, We The Wild Ones, to give you all the inside tricks on how to rock festival fashion and how to survive one.


Stick to a theme
Sticking to a theme is going to help you figure out your outfits. Decide on a colour scheme or trend you love and incorporate it into something fun! This will save you a whole lot of stress when it comes to putting your outfit together because you’ll already know the vibe you’re after.


More is more
Layer your accessories! This can be jewellery or even using more than one belt to add dimension to your look. When it comes to festivals, it’s your chance to go all out and express yourself, so why wouldn’t you want to add more?!


Take a warm jacket
There’s nothing worse than being freezing cold when the sun goes down at a festival! So, make sure you bring a warm jacket or two to help you party on for the rest of the night in comfort!


Wear comfortable shoes
Comfortable shoes are a festival must-have! You’re most likely going to be doing a lot of walking to see your favourite music acts, so make sure your feet are prepared!


Pack the festival essentials
We all need some festival beauty essentials! Whether you’re camping on site or staying in some decent accommodation, you can’t go without lip balm, dry shampoo and a touch (or a lot) of glitter to add fun to your festival looks!

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