This week on our podcast we get to know celebrity trainer, Amber Walker. We all dream of rubbing shoulders with movie stars, but what if you could do it while also doing what you love? For Gold Coast personal trainer, Amber Walker, training some of the world’s biggest Hollywood stars is a reality!


How did you get started?
I had a real passion for health and fitness, followed that through and worked really, really hard. I did some freelancing and worked for magazines and really tried to get my name out there. I then went on to win a couple of world titles and that spurred on my popularity a little bit and from there, it snowballed.

What’s it like working with celebrities?
Some celebs can be on the lazy side and they might have body doubles and stunt doubles and feel like they don’t need to do much because it’s all taken care of. Then on the flipside to that, there are people who take it really seriously – they know they’re going to be role models, they want to be strong and they really want to be fit.

You get your two kinds of stars. You have those that listen because they want the results and they want to look a certain way in the movie. And then you have the others who will try and go the easy way out.

It’s very surreal because working with celebrities offers a different environment. Your general personal trainer will work out of a gym, whereas you’re working off movie sets. The big budget films will even have their own equipment brought in.

Instead of working set hours, it’s when they wrap filming. It also depends what they’re shooting - on your action films, you’re actually getting them to pump up before they hit the set. This could also be as early as 2am in the morning!


What is your best tip for getting into the fitness industry?
Having a good name in the industry with the right people has been a massive part of my success. You should be nice to everyone – that’s my key tip to anyone else.

Tips to getting healthy?
Lifestyle, wellness and health is so much more than just being physically fit and putting the right foods in your body, it’s about living as well. So many people I know will go to the gym 6 times a week, they’ll prep every single meal, but they’ve got no social life. To me, that’s really unhealthy – especially for your mental health.

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