In this week’s podcast, we speak to up and coming Gold Coast film maker, Hannah Keogh.

If you’ve ever dreamed of walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, local filmmaker, Hannah Keogh, has not only done that, but has had her film screened there! The film industry is not for the faint hearted, and this week, Hannah tells us just how you can break in to the industry.


Find what you’re good at
I thought I could be an actor, dancer & singer when I was younger, then when I realised that those skills didn’t work out, I thought I’d make my mark behind the scenes. This means making stories, writing scripts and becoming a creative in the industry.

Network, network, network!
Having my film shown at Cannes Film Festival was great, people really loved the film, the style and how fun and quirky it was. I’m talking to people right now about the feature rights and trying to get that off the ground, so I think my next goal will be seeing Wheels of Fortune feature. It’s all about networking. When I was networking over there, I was pitching my idea to filmmakers, seeing what the vibe was and what people thought.

Embrace the local industry
The Gold Coast film industry is absolutely booming. We had Thor: Ragnarok, we’ve got Kong, all of the Disney films coming out, Pirates of the Caribbean and more. There’s even more celebrities on the Gold Coast, which is amazing too.


On the Gold Coast
It’s a great place to live as an emerging filmmaker in the industry. And when it comes to film students graduating university, I feel like there’s more job opportunities out there.

It’s a very cut-throat industry to get into, but I think it’s great. Screen Queensland are working with the Gold Coast City Council and are coming up with great initiatives for young females and young filmmakers in general.
We’ve got a lot of great resources here. We’ve got the beautiful beaches, the hinterland – we do have the opportunity to get to where Hollywood is right now. It will take some time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next decade or so, we see some great Australian content being filmed here.

Women in the film industry
I feel like everything that’s happening in Hollywood is the end of an era. The way women are perceived in the film industry now, we’re seen as very powerful and we’re seen as a challenge to a lot of people.

We’re coming in and changing things and we’re now finally hearing all of these stories and they’re understanding what it was like before this movement. The change of social structure and how people perceive the #MeToo campaign is showing people are now a lot more aware.

As an emerging filmmaker, I’m finding I have better opportunities, but we still have a long way to go and anyone in the industry will understand that. Having these big names and big voices coming out and backing the campaign is fantastic, but until something gets done, there needs to be a lot more justice happening in film.

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