On this week's podcast we speak to social media sensation Reece Hawkins (@hawk_reece_). Being a 23-year-old entrepreneur and social media star might seem unattainable to some, but for Reece Hawkins, it’s his reality. 2 kids, a fashion label and 950k Instagram followers, if you’d like to know Reece’s secrets, then make sure you keep on reading!


On his design process:
Sometimes you get a design block and I can’t create a new design for a month or two. When it comes to the design process, I’ll usually do a mood board and that will be for the whole drop and I’ll say, “I want it to have this kind of feel”. This goes as far as colours, the style and scouting locations where you might want to shoot the new styles. 

The bigger that your brand gets, for me anyway, I can’t always rely on myself when there’s so many creative people out there that I could utilise. I think it’s being a little bit greedy in a way if I’m pushing these flat designs and saying to people, “you should buy this because I told you to”. I don’t want to just make money if I’m not happy with it.

Be open to finding different inspirations
I would rather come up with something really creative or something that inspires someone or comes from a cool place where I can tell a story about it. I’d rather do that than have some flat design that I made up in my office in 15 minutes.

I think I owe people a little bit more than that and I try to keep it as creative as possible. A lot of the time, places we travel to might have some element that appeals to us. It could be as simple as a place we were having beers at. And we’ll say, “We want to make something that represents that”.


You just have to do it
Honestly, you just have to do it. I think the biggest thing I found when I was first starting out was realising I needed help because it was my first time diving into it. It wasn’t a space where I felt like I knew anything, so I was always looking for someone to come in as a partner, or I was always looking for someone to come in and help me with what I’d do day-to-day.

You’ve got to start with what you have. For example, if you’re a young 20-year-old guy working a part-time job and don’t have a lot of money, get that one design that you made and that you identify with and go to a print shop, get ten of them printed up and sell them to your friends.

If you don’t start, you’re not going to get anywhere. Do whatever you can with what you have.

Learn from your mistakes
If you mess up, you’re going to learn from it and you’ll never do it again. I’ve messed up hundreds of times and I’ve lost plenty of money by doing stupid things that I thought had to happen. 

The more times you fail, the less times you’re going to do it again. You’ve just got to keep going. There have definitely been points in the business where I’ve woken up and thought, I’m going to have to shut this thing down, but with that, you get smarter and more creative.

You’ve got to have pressure to make a diamond and if you don’t have that pressure, you’re never going to be able to do it.

Find the balance in life
Balancing a business with kids is tricky. The more time you spend on your business, the least amount of time you’re spending with your family. It’s very hard to do both at the same time.

When you’re really focused and passionate about your business, it’s the only thing you’re thinking about. You wake up and you’re thinking about it, you’re going to bed and you’re thinking about it and you want to spend as much time at the office as possible.

There’s been times where I’ve caught myself spending way too much time at the office than home. And when you’re in that early development stage, if you don’t have that, then you’re not going to do that well.

I’ll take a lot of time off when I have the kids, such as a four-day break to spend time with them so I make sure I’ve got that time. It’s just time management, you’ve just got to make sure you’re on it with everything. When you’ve got kids, you have to be a bit more mature and realise that you have to get better at time management, no matter what.

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