How To Rock Athleisurewear With Confidence with Emily Skye

There are so many different ways you can incorporate it into your everyday look without too much effort. And who better to give some advice on all things fitness than Emily Skye?! If you want to know how to make a start in all things athleisurewear, let this be your guide.

Mix with high end pieces

Give your outfit a real ‘sports luxe’ vibe by mixing your everyday athleisure pieces with high end items. This could be by wearing tracksuit pants with Christian Louboutin heels or wearing your favourite leather jacket over your gym gear. By incorporating small high end pieces, you’re adding a super cool vibe to your look! 
“A leather jacket with trainers or a dress. A white dress with tennis sneakers always looks good” – Emily Skye

Have a base piece

Coordinating an outfit is always easier when you have a base piece to work around. This could be your bold new sneakers or your brand-new tights. Whatever it is, having a base piece allows you to work on one part of the outfit at a time without getting too overwhelmed.
“I love wearing baggy tracksuit pants with a crop top and high-top sneakers” – Emily Skye 

Accessorise your outfit

You might not be a bum bag lover, but you might love accessorising with a cap. Having fun with your accessories will really add more personality to your look and will tie the outfit together. Have fun with it, even if that’s using your Fit Bit as your cool accessory!
“I love caps and I’d totally wear a bum bag because I love having my hands free, especially with a baby” – Emily Skye

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