In our most recent podcast we discuss all of the fashion rules you SHOULD be breaking!

When it comes to fashion, there’s a lot of talk surrounding so-called ‘rules’ and what ones shouldn’t be broken when putting together an outfit. But in recent times, some of the biggest fashion no-no’s have transformed into some of the hottest trends. If you like breaking the rules, start by doing it with these trends.



Monochrome is a whole lot of fun if you’re brave enough to give it a go! Wearing one colour all over has become the new thing, and why not? It looks chic, you don’t have to worry about what to pair with what and, it’s suitable for any season. Find a block colour that works for your skin tone and jump on board the monochrome bandwagon but mixing and matching the same colour in different tones! 

Pink with Red

Mixing pink with red has always been a massive no…until now. Some of the most popular, fashion-forward designers have embraced it and have decided to lead the pack, making it one of the most head-turning trends on recent runways. This rule was made to be broken! 


Bum bags

It’s back to the 90’s we go! Seeing photos of your Mum rocking a bum bag/fanny pack/belt bag in her day used to be embarrassing, until you wanted one for yourself! From Gucci to Dissh, this trend is coming in hot and so many people are loving it. Bum bags are festival-friendly, easy and it means you have extra hands at the ready! 

Mixing Prints 

Not for the faint-hearted, mixing prints is usually an eclectic and loud fashion choice. There are ways to incorporate it in your everyday too, such as wearing a printed maxi skirt with a striped or polka dot top. Whether you like a bit of balance or going all out in the craziest prints you can find, this old school fashion rule is too fun not to break! 

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Yvette is wearing Manning Cartell Dress & Gucci Bag. Violet is wearing Seed Coat, Gucci Belt & David Jones Chloe Bag. Kimberley is wearing  Zara Dress, Harrolds Balmain Blazer & Balenciaga Shoes & Gucci Bag.

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