Food & Drink

Feast your Eyes: Sweet Treats

Delectable dessert and afternoon sweet treats to satisfy those sugar cravings.

Passiontree Velvet


It’s our go-to for incredible edibles, melt-in-the-mouth breakfasts and desserts. Honestly, if it’s something sweet you’re craving, then this is heaven. Passiontree Velvet bakes the best macarons: personal favourite is the earl grey milk chocolate, or maybe the passionfruit… or the salted peanut butter… hopeless. Our addiction just goes on.

Cowch Dessert


Cocktail Bar Cowch is taking the humble scoop to a new level: three crazy new shakes, served in mega milk bottles. Chocoholics won’t be able to resist the ganache-lined, chunky-chocolate smoothie topped with chocolate cake and crushed Tim Tams. Berry lovers will delight at the strawberry smoothie made with Cowch’s own strawberry fairy floss and pink lemon meringue pie. And those who live for caramel macchiatos won’t be able to pass on the salted-caramel option, a condensed-milk and caramel shake topped with whipped cream and a smashed salted-caramel tart. 

Ice cream-sandwich fiends have an elevated option, too. Forget the Chipwich – Cowch’s Nutella waffle sandwich is two scoops of creamy Nutella ice cream crammed between two Belgian waffles, along with a scoop of Nutella spread, crushed Oreo cookies and fresh strawberries. What are you waiting for?

As featured in The Face of Fashion. Pick up your copy in-centre today!