Board Game Bonanza for home

Enjoyed the Board Game Bonanza at Pacific Fair these school holidays? 

Well, you can take the fun home with you! Share the joy with the kids and relive your childhood family games nights.

What was your favourite? Did you want build a property empire in Monopoly or was collecting all the pieces of pie in Trivial Pursuit more your style? How about using delicate hands to remove an organ in Operation?

Take a trip down memory lane with all your favourite board games available from Pacific Fair retailers.


Scrabble, $34.50                                     Aussie Scrabble $39.95

Pic-monop-(1).jpgPictionary, $25                                                          Monopoly, $34.50

Triv-op.jpgTrivial Pursuit Family, $89.95                    Operation, $34.50

Twist-clue.jpgTwister, $34.50                                               Cluedo, $24

Con-guess-snake.jpgConnect Four, $29.95     Guess Who? $34.50  Snake & Ladders, $20

Board games and card games are available from the following retailers: Target, Kmart, Big W, David Jones, Myer, KidStuff, Bookface

Check with the stores to ensure they have your favourite game in stock.