Salvatore Ferragamo Launches Special Collection for the Year of Dog

The year of the dog is just around the corner. The 11th of 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals, dogs are symbols of loyalty and purity. For years, they have been viewed as human's best friend and adorable companions. Salvatore Ferragamo is proud to present a line of dog-themed accessories to welcome Chinese New Year, including the limited edition women's print scarves, men's ties and small leather goods.

Ferragamo's limited edition dog-themed scarves come in three colours: the sharp red for the holiday season, the romantic pink and the classic navy blue. On the scarves are patterns of various dog breeds that evoke a funny and playful spirit. What's more, the overall modern design is in fact a genius combination of traditional Chinese paper cutting, creating a perfect blend of Italian creativity and Chinese culture.

Apart from women's scarves, Ferragamo also presents dog printed ties to add some joy and fun to the holiday season, and with which a sense of humour is incorporated into the gentleman's demeanour. Mini-bags and wallets are coloured with deep blue, the central colour tone after nightfall. Crystals and rivets in silver and grey turn into stars at night, creating the outline of the dog zodiac sign. In Chinese culture, the year of the dog is also symbolic of the time when lights should be on and darkness is cast away. Soaring across the sky, the celestial dog brings people peace and clarity.

Take a look at the collection at Salvatore Ferragamo Pacific Fair