Rodd and Gunn AW 2020

Showcasing its exploration of natural fibre performance, texture and colour, the Rodd & Gunn Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection continues to forge the brand’s road less travelled.
Style, comfort, relative longevity are all essentials considered for every garment in the collection, as is the task each item fulfils in the wearer's wardrobe. Delivering value runs deeper than a price tag; it's a commitment to Rodd & Gunn’s purpose, and truth.
The liberation of men’s work attire continues to be a source of inspiration for the Rodd & Gunn design team.
The Autumn/Winter 2020 collection demonstrates the brand’s expertise with textures, blends, tailoring and detailing, albeit in typically low-key Down-Under style.
While keeping wearer's experience central to the design process, Rodd & Gunn’s exploration of natural fibres delivered impressive results.
The Elliot jacket, a classic Harrington shape stripped back and cut from softest Normandy linen, is a prime example. Finished with a water-resistant coating for unexpected Autumn weather, the Elliot offers enduring style from a unique trans-seasonal garment.
More tailored in cut but no less innovative, the Doyleston and Brightwater jackets with cotton/linen and wool/linen blends respectively, underline the performance to be found by shrugging the shackles of convention.
Many of the Autumn/Winter garments bring structure to the fore through textured weaves and fabrics. The Waddington corduroy jacket exemplifies the approach. Cut with a heritage spin this bomber’s softness is sure to make it the first choice for work and recreation.
At Rodd & Gunn, stepping up outerwear performance won’t require a compromise in comfort. Technology-enhanced natural materials underpin the brand’s emphasis on garment feel, as showcased in a range of seasonally appropriate and luxuriously wearable options.
Leather is a collection superhero with the Silverdale and Westhaven jackets both offering a sumptuous wearer experience and finish. Not to also forget nature’s wonder material, premium sheep’s wool that Rodd & Gunn has long leaned heavily on throughout their winter ranges. Numerous quality garments celebrate its remarkable properties, but singled out for special mention is the three-in-one versatility champion, the Rolleston tailored overcoat.
A removable liner, hand-warmers, a multitude of pockets, quilted insulation all rugged up in certified Woolmark blend sheep-grown goodness, the Rolleston is a winter traveller’s ideal choice.
Finishing a winter wardrobe is as much a matter of performance as it is personalisation. Inclement conditions demand quality accessories and again Rodd & Gunn turns to nature with leather, wool and rubber to deliver.
More than any release before it, the Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection represents Rodd & Gunn’s commitment to their road less travelled. Now it’s time for them to dress you for yours.

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