Introducing the 2018 AMAVI COLLECTION from Jan Logan

The JAN LOGAN 2018 Campaign is inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean. It follows the journey of our muse as she travels to hidden islands and experiences all its natural wonder. Like her free-spirited love of life, her adventures are unplanned and spontaneous. Time stops still. She feels like this is exactly where she belongs.

The collection consists of a carefully curated range of Diamonds, Precious, Semi-Precious, Pearl, Gold and Silver jewellery pieces - all inspired by the architecture, colours and materials of towns and islands in the Mediterranean.

TRULLI; inspired by the Trulli of Alberobello, this unique construction of limestone dwellings native to Puglia is reimagined throughout clusters of symmetrical diamonds set in white gold.

SARDINIA; the surreal colour palette of Budelli Beach in Sardinia plays host to its namesake collection, juxtaposing turquoise waters against rose-coloured sandy shores, with London Blue Topaz & Pink Morganite in perfect harmony.

AMALFI; a cascading tassel of droplet-like London Blue Topaz stones bring the Amalfi coast to life, anchored within a white-gold setting. Within this range are the Tiarnie Earrings aptly named after actress and face of the 2018 Collection, Tiarnie Coupland. South Sea Pearls intertwine with Topaz and Amozonite in an organic silhouette – a natural beauty, much like her inspiration.

ELBA; like a whitewashed cliff hugging the coast of the ocean, turquoise and ultramarine sit harmoniously against the precious stones of Amazonite, Amethyst, Lapis, Topaz and the rarest of Tahitian Pearls.
SCALA; The splendour of Scala, the oldest village in the Amalfi, lies in its medieval roots. Regal, dramatic shapes are reborn in varying shades of the modern woman’s armoury.

NERANO; Echoing the inimitable beaches and sunsets of Nerano, Italy, golden coastal curves emerge in softly spoken clusters with a hint of diamonds sparkling in the horizon.

MILOS; a life aquatic. The Greek fisherman of Milos, gently rocking on the current, take form in sculptural Black Onyx, offset against a canvas of Gold.

PERISSA; The black sandy shores of Perissa inspired the delicate encasing of Black Onyx around a pride of place centrepiece – the South Sea Pearl.

SANTORINI; The meandering curves of iconic Grecian design ripple throughout the sterling silver collection, crafting an atmosphere of refined simplicity – an ode to Santorini’s famed dome-like structures.

ST TROPEZ; taking cues from the palm tree-lined streets of the French Riviera, the scene is set in sterling silver frond motifs.

“You really get a sense of being in the Mediterranean through the 2018 Collection – the turquoise-blue waters, cobbled-stone streets, picturesque coastal drives, and everlasting purple sunsets. All these elements have been carefully considered in design and it has resulted in a strong and feminine collection that captures the magical allure of this region perfectly.” - Roselee Modica, Head Designer JAN LOGAN

Crystal clear turquoise beaches take shape in vibrant precious stones, sun-drenched skies gleam in gold, pearls reminisce of days spent on the ocean - mementoes of an unforgettable summer.