Along with the ceremony itself, at a wedding there’s also another kind of ritual: getting dressed up for the big day. Spending the morning getting ready to celebrate with friends and family is an important part of the occasion, a moment to reflect on the day ahead and ensure your outfit is looking its best. As this year’s wedding season gets under way, creative consultant Matthew Zorpas discusses his approach to dressing for the big day.

What's your favorite part about getting ready for a wedding?

I always unwrap a brand new crisp white shirt for every wedding I go to. It is a way for me to celebrate the love and new beginning of the married life of the couple. The feeling of newness brightens me up, and somehow in my mind it’s linked to the happiness of my friends getting together, both the ones that are getting married, and the ones attending the festivities.

What are your tips to make sure you look good at a wedding?

Make sure you get groomed the day before the wedding, and that you own a clean, fitted white shirt. A two- or-three button suit will be the best option. I would avoid black suits for the occasion; preferably choose navy or grey, especially for a spring or summer wedding. The event could last from five to eight hours, so make sure you are comfortable in your look. You need to look smart yet comfy enough to hit the dance floor to celebrate!

How do you stay smart at a hot summer wedding?

Your choice of color matters. The lighter the color of the suit, the more comfortable it will be for the hot summer days. After the ceremony you can loosen your tie but remain smart with a fancy pocket square. A pair of breathable loafers could also do the trick.


Do you usually change your outfit for evening?

I would usually switch the tie from the ceremony with a bow tie. The effect is immediate, you keep looking fresh and you don't waste a minute away from your friend’s special day!

Have you been to any weddings with an unusual dress code?

I recently went to a friend’s wedding where the party dress code was tartan and checks. Thankfully I own a checked three-piece suit that was just perfect for the occasion.

What do you enjoy most about weddings?

It is one of the few occasions left these days where everyone puts in an effort to dress up. The close family spends weeks if not months choosing their looks, while the guests are making sure they look smart for the wedding and plan ahead. It is a beautiful moment, celebrated in the most beautiful way!

Are there any no-gos when considering what to wear?

You don't want to be underdressed for the wedding. Black suits, pink shirts and printed ties are usually no-gos. Keep up with the dress code of the wedding!