Furla FW21

Furla’s Fall Winter 2021 collection represents a real awakening. Full of vibrant colours and fresh styles, it ushers a return to a life infused with creativity, energy, and dynamism. The new collection celebrates Italian style, calling to mind the heyday of the Dolce Vita era and the pop details and floral prints that have been at the core of the brand since its inception. Its artisanal roots are further expressed through colours, high-end materials, and attention to detail.
The collection is marked by new harmonies and a vivacious appeal, alternating between delicate and bold nuances. Evocative colours are the protagonists: green is an ode to nature’s force, yellow mirrors the sun’s intensity, a range of whites conjures a sense of purity and a range of pastel colours - from blue to mint green - honours the ocean’s vastness.
The strong desire to escape from the city or simply take a walk in the open air awakens a wanderlust spirit that compels us to rediscover the pleasure of a newfound freedom. Ideal travel companions are found within Furla’s accessories range, characterized by a contemporary and multi-functional mindset — setting the stage to embark on new ventures and finally turn the page.