If you're a bit like us, you're getting a tad excited for Gold Coast's chic-est secret picnic, Diner En Blanc. And if last year is anything to go by, the table setting stakes are high! Curate yourself the most insta-worthy picnic table with a little help from us. But first, the do's & don'ts of Diner En Blanc:

- DO bring a folding table (table must be square, foldable, and easy to carry. The size must be between 71cm and 81 cm. The table does not have to be white as it will be covered with a white tablecloth)
- DO bring 2 x folding chairs
- DO pack a white picnic basket and/or bag including a gourmet meal for two
- DO remember to pre-purchase your beverages via Diner En Blanc (no BYO)
DON'T forget a white tablecloth, white cloth-napkins, cutlery, dishware and glassware
- DON'T forget a garbage bag (or two) for all of your waste
- DON'T bring a table that is anything than stipulated above (due to location limitations, all tables must be within this size)