BVLGARI celebrates life and beauty with BAROCKO, the Roman jeweller’s latest take on a bold and brave approach to high jewellery craftsmanship.
With this new collection, BVLGARI projects a message of hope and optimism. Vibrant colours, extraordinary light effects, fanciful shapes and exquisite details convey a sense of joy and positivity, which spreads all over the world.
As the collection’s name suggests, the unlimited, magnificent influence of Rome’s Baroque artistic and architectural heritage meets BVLGARI’s unapologetic daring and audacious spirit in BAROCKO.
More than ever before, BVLGARI finds inspiration in its native Rome, which for over 130 years has been at the centre of the brand’s outstanding history.
The Eternal City’s monumental triumph of Baroque extravagance resonates in the exuberance of the new BAROCKO creations, embracing eccentricity and sophistication in perfect balance.
Some of Rome’s most iconic Baroque landmarks, including the Fountain of the Four Rivers sculpted by Lorenzo Bernini, the church of Sant'Agnese in Agone designed by Francesco Borromini, the Horti Farnesiani complex on The Palatine Hill and the bronze statue of Archangel Michael located on the top the Castel Sant’Angelo papal fortress have been cited as the inspiration behind the dramatic grandeur and graceful lightness of the BAROCKO high jewellery collection.
The Baroque aesthetic, defined by sinuous lines, voluptuous shapes, intricate complexity and unpredictable allure, is revisited through BVLGARI’s contemporary and experimental penchant for sumptuous, versatile and multifaceted creations, rewriting the rules of high jewellery design.
A cultural and aesthetic link binds the Baroque movement and BVLGARI. Like the Baroque artists, the Roman jeweller delivers exuberant, bold creations, designed and crafted to inspire awe and wonder. Creations that play with light and shadow, that are injected with a dynamic sense of movement and that match upscale preciousness with effortless elegance.
Rare and precious gems, unearthed around the globe by BVLGARI creative director Lucia Silvestri, are forged by the brand’s skilled artisans at BVLGARI’s signature workshops in Rome.
Baroque architectural motifs, the curved lines of 16th century’s decors and the unpredictable variations of nature, meet more linear and minimal elements to find a perfect balance between maximalism and essentiality.
Harmony, grace and beauty stands out in the one-of-a-kind pieces, vibrating with the vivacious hues of a charming kaleidoscope. Symbols of BVLGARI’s commitment to beauty, positivity and joy.

Browse the new high jewellery collection in-store now at BVLGARI Pacific Fair.