Bvlgari introduces exclusive Serpenti Viper Collection

The muse of the luxe Italian jeweller Bvlgari has always been Italian femininity; sophisticated and refined, bold and colourful, voluptuous and seductive. By exalting those qualities, the maison established a new, Italian standard of jewellery design and developed a level of unparalleled artistry. With this pure Roman vivaciousness, the unconventional nature of Bvlgari’s exquisite jewellery asserts its strong and distinctive character.

In the mid-twentieth century, Bvlgari launched its snake-inspired Serpenti line, iconic creations that are coveted by jewellery aficionados worldwide. An animal that is powerful, mysterious and unexpected, the snake naturally became the spirit animal for Bvlgari and for the seductive woman who wears Bvlgari.

For a woman who wields her power more quietly and strikes selectively, Bvlgari introduces Serpenti Viper, a dangerously beautiful new collection. Feared yet revered, the viper is one of the most mythical animals in history. Since ancient Rome, the stunning viper has enjoyed a sacred notoriety, as the symbol of immortality, strength and seduction.

Last year Bvlgari launched the Serpenti Viper ring. The namesake ring quickly won over a new legion of Bvlgari fans, and it’s easy to see why: Viper’s circle of trapezoids mimics the scales of a snake so artfully, it’s tempting to reach out and stroke them. Its geometric design is nevertheless beautifully fluid and contemporary, making it ideal for everyday wear. Now Viper has spawned bracelets and pendant necklaces bearing the same chic, perfectly-symmetrical pattern.

The bracelets, like the rings, are designed to be layered. With eight different designs, the range gives you endless options to customise your stack. Layered, the bangles sheath your arm in a captivating, snake-like skin but subtly so; just as the viper camouflages itself and lays in wait, the jewellery’s snakeskin motif is soft and understated. Admirers, drawn in by the tinkling of the bangles, may be tempted to run their fingers along the bracelets, but only you’ll know that you’re tapping into the seductive allure of the snake.

Hissing with Italian creativity, the seductive Serpenti Viper ensnares the savage side of Bvlgari’s spirit animal, creating a colourful collection of jewellery meant to strike at the heart of a woman.