Adidas have launched their latest warp knit collection of seamless knit training wear that combines peak performance with a signature style, as worn by social media and fitness influencer, Steph Claire Smith.

The seamless construction of the adidas warp knit collection delivers uncompromised comfort matched only by your own skin. Each piece feels custom fit to support your farthest stretch and hug your body’s every curve; each time you put it on.

The unique knit structure allows for beautiful open mesh patterns carefully placed for breathability where you need it most. And while each warp knit piece is carefully crafted for
beauty in any environment, they are pure performance with a personalized compression feel from hem to hem.

Every adidas warp knit piece is made of a nylon blend that ensures an extra soft feel and incredibly durable consistency.


Shop the complete adidas warp knit collection at adidas Pacific Fair.