Supporting Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation

To do our part to assist in this ongoing bushfire crisis in Australia, Pacific Fair will be donating $25,000 to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation which will provide vital services for any injured wildlife.
For the past 5 years Pacific Fair has been a proud partner of the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation, raising much needed funds to treat thousands of animals each year.
It costs on average $7,000 to treat, rehabilitate and release a single koala. In 2008, the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital treated 27 koalas, in 2019 they saw 600 and now in 2020 as a result if the horrible bushfires burning in Australia, the number is unknown but expected to be in the thousands, along with the many other wildlife who will need their help.
We are also working with the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation team for how we can continue to support them again in 2020, including an upcoming fundraising event, as the long term effects of these fires continues to be made known.
To everyone affected by these horrible fires – our hearts are with you. And to the firefighters, emergency services personnel and volunteers who are working around the clock to keep Australia safe – we thank you!


If you wish to make a donation directly to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation, you can donate in-centre at our Concierge desk on ground floor near Boost Juice or online here.