Braids and curls: 7 must-have formal updos

It's not just the dress that takes centre-stage when it comes to school formals; one should always have their hair en pointe. If the Oscars are anything to go by, expect to see lots of daring braids and assymetrical curls. A few of our favourite looks. 

French Roll - Stefan Hair Fashions
Fishtail Braid with Waves (1/2 up, 1/2 down) - Stefan Hair Fashions
Thick Braid Wrap-Around - Curtis Hair
Asymmetical Curls Up Do - Curtis Hair
Side Braid Side Ponytail - Hairhouse Warehouse
Fishtail Braid Straight (1/2 up, 1/2 down) - Hairhouse Warehouse
Braid Wrap-Around Ponytail - Hairhouse Warehouse
Side Braid Crossover w/ Low Bottom Braid - Hairhouse Warehouse
Side Braid with Soft Curls - Michael Dib
Messy Bun - Oscar Oscar
1/2 Up, 1/2 Down w/ Quiff - Stefan Hair Fashions