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The freshness of a green garden and an abundance of nature are inspiring many of our homeware choices. We’re calling it a spring makeover.
Rio pineapple jars, $29.95 each, from Pillow Talk. Short Story Bath Blend in Citrus Valley, $20, from Bookface
It’s a staple in cocktails, a refreshing fruit snack and a well-known symbol for hospitality. Eagle-eyed guests will think you’re the host with the most if they spot one, so put a pineapple on your bookcase as a sweet decor detail and a nod to your unsurpassable party-throwing skills.

Now’s the time to get your soak on, so take a moment to relax and get your skin ready to be revealed after a winter under wraps. First things first: fill the bath with an infusion of salts, botanicals, oils and other goodies that will make you glow and smell perfectly perfumed.

Svenska Hem watering can, $39.95, from kikki.K. Proteas from Rosita Flowers 
Keep your flowers blooming when it gets hot out with regular morning and evening refreshment. If you have window boxes full of herbs, or tomatoes growing in planters on your patio, a watering can will obviously do the trick. But buy a modern one with a sleek, minimalist look and you’ve also got an instant design piece you’ll want to keep on display long after you’ve finished.

Bouquets of native blossoms brighten any room. Hearty and long-lasting, thanks to Australia’s harsh ecosystems, and uniquely beautiful, big proteas in bright colours and refreshingly fragrant branches of eucalyptus are must-haves for any floral arrangement.
Ailani Oblong Cushion, $39.95, and Ailani Square Cushion, $39.95, from Pillowtalk. Cactus Garden, $24.99, from Adairs
Give your lounge a lush jungle vibe. Swap out your ho-hum everyday cushions with a bold set in a tropical botanical print – banana leaves, swiss cheese plants and palm fronds.

Adairs have the best array of beautiful plants, pots and planters. We love this mini garden for its sleek minimal pot combined with the wilderness of the desert cactus. It’s the best boost for any room – well, we all need something fresh at home. Good living.
Wooden bowl, $119, from Zara Home. Alfredo Vase, $280, from Georg Jensen
For a truly back-to-nature feel at home, we love this simple, raw, wooden bowl hewn from tree bark. It does double duty as storage (for things like fruit or keys) or as a table centrepiece that will garner admiring comments at every lunch and dinner party.

Flowers look better in a beautiful vase. Swap out the heavy, opaque ceramics you displayed through the colder months for a brilliant green bauble that will play the perfect part as vessel to a vibrant native floral arrangement.

Sheridan Allbury Quilt cover, from $289.95, European pillowcase, from $69.95, Pillowcase pair, from $79.95, Abbotson bed linen, from $79.95, Haden cushion, $59.95, Haden throw, from $149.95, Clifford cushion, $69.95
Sweet dreams are made of this kind of beautiful bed linen. The print is botanicals, and we are happy to fall into a deep dreamlike state in this green zone. Total utter bliss. Shhh. Do not disturb.
Kabin morning tray, $49.95, from Jash Living. Pimp My T2 Tea for One, $36, from T2.. Floral table runner, $59.95, from Zara Home 
Warmer weather means more outdoor fun. Get a tray of margaritas to your guests in the garden with a sturdy, gorgeous rattan tray that feels rustic and woodsy in all the right ways.
Whether it’s a hit of matcha to supercharge the mornings or a simple blend of Green Geisha, tea is a four-season drink. For a proper cup of whatever tickles your fancy, a personal china teapot with cup, saucer and dedicated infuser will give you the perfect brew every time.

Dress a drab table with a beautiful bolt of fabric to brighten up your next dinner party. Think Ibiza chic with a pink and white tie-dye striped tablecloth, or English garden with a table runner featuring flowers pretty enough to plant.
Tealicious candle in Green Tea with Citrus Fruits, $29.99, from Dusk. Fornasetti Candle in Giardino Segreto, $239, from mecca cosmetica. Origins Feel Good Candle in Pine, Spruce And Orange, $49, from mecca maxima. Diptique Candle in Figuier Verte, $105, from Mecca Cosmetica.
Spring sees flowers blooming, grass growing… and the pollen count racking up. If you’re not one to fling open the windows, you can still keep your home sweet-smelling with seasonal, herbaceous notes. Light a candle, or layer green fragrances throughout each room with an arsenal of aromatics.
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