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As spring starts to bloom, Pillow Talk brings you their stunning, brand-new collection that’s sure to inspire countless home makeovers all over the country. 

Featuring key trends of the season like Tropical Wonders, Minimalistic Perfection, Trade Winds and Nautical and Nice, the collection perfectly captures what Australian’s are looking for; with great quality. 

The collection has been carefully curated by the team of buyers and in house designers and Pillow Talk’s General Manager Kate Spencer says their first thought is always of what their customers will truly love to have in their home this season.  

“Here at Pillow Talk we really, really do care about what our customers want and what will enhance their wellbeing so we use this as our inspiration and drive to create a collection that can be enjoyed and cherished for years to come.” 

Pillow Talk is not only celebrating the beginning of an exciting new season, but also their 40th anniversary. The 100% Australian owned and operated business first opened its doors with a small store on Brisbane’s Ann Street in 1977 and now has 59 stores across the eastern seaboard of the country. 

Visit Pillowtalk at Pacific Fair today.