Way to keep the kids active during Winter

Whether your goal is to keep your kids active or get them off their electronic devices, here are some ideas to get the kids moving this winter. 

  Get outdoors 

  • Put on coats, hats and scarves and head outside. 

  • Explore your local park and collect leaves, sticks and stones and get creative with them when you get home. 

  • If it’s windy, fly a kite. 

  • Visit the beach or a local creek and explore the rock pools. 

  • Go on a hike, the kids will soon warm up. 

Bring the outdoors in 

  • Bring some of your outdoor toys inside like hula hoops, jump ropes, and balls.  

  • Utilise spaces like the garage for games such as roller skating, hopscotch and table tennis. 

  • Try balloon volleyball – create a makeshift net and use a balloon as the ball. 

  • Create an indoor obstacle course – use pillows, couches and the kids won’t even realise they are exercising as it’s so much fun 

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