Sass & Bide Resort 20

Resort 20 takes inspiration from a saturated summer where everything is amplified; spectacular colour, searing heat and raucous noise in an effervescent atmosphere. Feelings of liberation, pool-side opulence, playful sophistication and the freedom of choice - still, or sparkling? It’s a society of the sisterhood set free, where you're only restricted to the farthest reaches of the imagination. Daytime decadence blurs the boundaries of night, and winter’s complexity melts into simple pleasures beneath a high-noon sun. 
One moment gives way to another - with the right mindset and the right outfit, the day can slip into night at the raise of an eyebrow. 
There is a beauty in obscurity, wearing the right thing at the wrong time, and a refined sense of self expressed through breaking the monotony with visual impact; a kaleidoscope of colour. The bold, confident pieces from the collection turn Monday into Saturday, and noon into midnight. 
The season’s tactility is reserved for textured clothing; crafted from gorgeously draped, diaphanous fabrics layered on dewy, bare skin. Then the collection turns with the fading light to visit sharp tailoring, strong hardware and effortless structure - a fitting combination for long hours under a cacophony of stars.