Mister Minit For Your Everyday Needs

Mister Minit are there for your everyday needs, specializing in household and personalised services.
Read on to find out some of the ways that Mister Minit can help with everything from key cutting, watch repair, battery replacements and more. 

Mister Minit keys are Italian made by Silca (at the world’s highest quality key manufacturing plant), their keys are specially produced with a unique six step system.
When cut by the experts at Mister Minit their state of the art equipment will turn your locks as smoothly as the day they were new. Plus all key cuts come with an unconditional guarantee! 
 Mister Minit are the most trusted brand for house & office key duplication because they provide:
- An unconditional guarantee honoured in all 300+ stores
- Precision cut from your original key
- Manufactured in Italy by one of the world’s largest key manufacturers, Silca
- A broad range of funky colours and designs, for quick identification
- Keys wear with your locks, not wear them down
- Good torsion strength so they don’t snap or break
- Padlocks

Mister Minit has the right security solution for you, with a range of security levels, from ABUS Padlocks. Great for bags, lockers bikes, and more!
Make sure you’re always prepared, with a spare car key! Mister Minit have a range of cost effect options for Proximity keys, Integrated keys & remotes, Car key shells, and Battery replacements.
Ask your local Mister Minit for professional advice on your car key type, before you head off on your weekend adventure.

Avoid the hassle of being stranded after losing the only key to your car. 
Lost all keys? Did you know Mister Minit have a mobile service where they can come to you? Call today Instore for an appointment : (07) 5527-5255
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Precision cutting & coding
  • Professional service & expertise

Is your car key CRACKED or BROKEN but remains functional?

Mister Minit offer a large range of replacement Car Key Shells/Housings, if your outer car key has been damaged, the blade has broken off or your buttons worn over time.
A replacement key shell might be a cost-effective alternative to extend the life of your original key. We have an extensive range of makes and models available.
With modern car keys/remotes increasing in value, any work done to the car keys/remotes internals must be done professionally. At Mister Minit their team are highly trained in watch battery and car key/remote battery replacement services.
Bring your car keys/remotes into hands you trust at any Mister Minit store for professional advice. Mister Minit only use Energizer branded batteries which all come with a 1 year warranty for Car Keys.
Mister Minit can supply and fit batteries for items such as watches, fitness trackers, clocks, toys, kitchen scale and remotes while you wait. Visit Mister Minit today and ask about their huge range of Energizer batteries, Garage & Gate Remotes.
 Mister Minit offer a huge range of #remotecontrols for your garage or electric gate that are:
- User friendly
- Hassle free, and
- Affordable
Their instore service will assess your type of remote and the frequency, as well as assist you through any learning procedures required your remote may need. We make sure you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.
With just a click of a button, you'll have the world at your fingertips. Mister Minit offers a wide range of keyless remotes to provide easy access and locking to your home, garage, gate and car!

Bring yours in today for free testing. 
Don't let time get the better of you; make sure your watch is keeping track of time!
Mister Minit can replace your current watch battery with an Energizer branded battery - fully guaranteed for 2 years. They will also ensure your watch is water resistant with pressure testing services. 
If you are looking to update your watch with an attractive and long-lasting band, Mister Minit has a range of over 80 different styles. Their on-trend range covers all the latest in watchband colours so you can update your watch rather than replace it. 
Don’t leave your beautiful watches lifeless and dusty on your dresser. Why not bring them back to life?
Mister Minit offers a range of watch services, including:
- Battery Replacement
- Cleaning and Polishing
- Glass Replacement
- Link Adjustments
- Pressure Testing
- New Watch Bands, and more

DID YOU KNOW that Mister Minit do sharpening
Our experienced Team can sharpen your favourite kitchen knives, sewing and cutting scissors, swords.  Or if Gardening is your thing we can sharpening a all kinds of blunt tools. From Hedge Clippers, axes, pruning shears, Secateurs.  If you get 5 items sharpened get 1 free. Let your tools do the working!

Visit your Mister Minit Pacific Fair to find out more about the services listed above.