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Krispy Kreme: Your Party Favourites!

Take a sweet trip down memory lane with the new range of treats, without any of the party food prep! 

  • Fairy Bread – The iconic Original Glazed, dipped in icing and hundred & thousands, topped with a swirl of creamy buttercream.  

  • Cookie Dough – Our signature Original Glazed, topped with soft choc chip cookie dough and milk choc ganache drizzle.  

  • Brownie Batter – Our classic shell doughnut, filled with choc brownie batter filling, topped with milk choc ganache, choc fudge pieces, and choc biscuit crumb.  

  • Rocky Road – The iconic Original Glazed dipped in choc, topped with mini marshmallows, raspberry pieces, vanilla biscuit crumb, and milk choc ganache drizzle.  

There is no better way to relive those childhood memories (and delicious party treats) than by grabbing these doughnuts and having a celebration of your own