5 Mouth-Watering Easter Recipes To Make At Home

If you’re hosting Easter this year, you’ve likely got a lot to plan — with one of the biggest considerations being the menu! But if you’ve found yourself scratching your head wondering ‘what do you even cook on Easter?’, you’re not alone. While Christmas has its signature dishes like turkey and ham, Easter isn’t quite so clear cut. The good news is, we’ve got you sorted. From salads and sides to the main dish and dessert,  here are 5 foolproof Easter lunch ideas for the home that are sure to impress.

1. Slow-cooked lamb

For thousands of years, lamb has been the traditional dish of Easter. But thankfully, you don’t necessarily have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing this crowd-pleasing main. Lamb is a meat that becomes even more melt-in-your-mouth tender when slow-cooked! You can grab a cut of lamb like legs or shank from your local supermarket or butcher and add some seasoning like lemon or rosemary. Pop it in the slow cooker from 6-10 hours (depending on the cut) while you go do other things and voila, you’ve got yourself one mouthwatering dish.

2. Rainbow salad

Easter is all about celebrating new life — so, when it comes to salads, the fresher and brighter, the better! Featuring a medley of vegetables, a rainbow salad not only tastes delicious, but looks beautiful on the table. Plus, with a salad that looks so fun, you’ll be able to convince even the fussiest of eaters to dig in! Start with a bed of fresh rocket or arugula, and add an explosion of colour with veggies like beetroots, carrots, squash, eggplant and rhubarb. he more colourful, the better! You can also add some extras like avocado, ricotta cheese and nuts for crunch and flavour.

3. Deviled eggs

Easter is all about the eggs, but that doesn’t always have to mean chocolate! Devilled eggs are a great savoury side the whole family is sure to love. Plus, they’re really easy to make! You simply hard boil eggs, scoop out the yolks and in a mixing bowl, scramble them with flavoursome ingredients like mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, salt and better. Pop the yolks back into the middles of the eggs, sprinkle on some paprika and you’re ready to serve!

4. Grigliata Mista

If you’re after something a little lighter to serve on Easter, you can’t go past this Italian-inspired dish. ‘Grigliata Mista’ translates to ‘mixed grill’ and it works swimmingly with fresh seafood. Grab a mix of seafood like prawns, calamari, tuna steak and scallops from your supermarket or fish shop and BBQ or grill on high heat. Then, arrange them on a platter and drizzle in a dressing of lemon, olive and parsley to serve. For a little extra flavour, you can also mix in some olives, nuts or dill springs in, too.

5. Easter egg brownies

No Easter lunch would be complete without dessert! This one incorporates the chocolate eggs we all know and love in a creative and indulgent way. Grab a packet mix for brownies from the supermarket, or bake them from scratch with ingredients like dark chocolate, eggs, cocoa powder, sugar, flour and butter. Then, grab a mix of your fave chocolate eggs (particularly those with shells or creme inside, as this will add texture) and scatter along the top of the brownies. You can leave some whole, but crush and half others — the less perfect it looks, the better! Bake for a little longer or pop in the fridge to set and the result is one eggstra special treat.
By trying out these 5 delicious Easter recipes, you can cook up a feast that will have the whole family asking for seconds!