5 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas The Whole Family Will Love

For many families, no Easter Sunday would be complete without the annual Easter egg hunt!

It’s a fun, interactive activity the entire family — young or old — can get involved with. Even teens aren’t too cool for putting their competitive hats on and racing against the family to gather the most chocolate eggs!

Whether this is your first time organising an Easter egg hunt for the family or are looking for a way to put a new spin on this tradition, read on for 5 creative Easter Egg hunt ideas.

1. Think beyond chocolate

There’s something incredibly satisfying about unwrapping the chocolate eggs you’ve gathered in the garden. But you don’t necessarily have to make the sweet stuff the main focus of your Easter egg hunt. In fact, this tradition actually originated in Germany, where people hide painted hard-boiled eggs and nests as well as chocolate eggs and bunnies. Not only is this handy if you’re trying to reduce the amount of chocolate the kids consume, but you can get the kids involved in a DIY craft project when you prepare the supplies.

2. Make it a treasure hunt

For an even more memorable Easter egg hunt, why not turn it into a treasure hunt? Rather than hiding the eggs at random, you could create a list of clues that your players have to decode. For example, ‘I spin round and round and things get lighter once they’re on me’ could mean the eggs are buried near the clothesline. You could also make it a scavenger hunt by having a list of items that the players need to gather (for example, 3 pink chocolate eggs, one nest and two hard-boiled eggs) and whoever finds them first wins! 


3. Turn it into a relay

Making your Easter egg hunt a relay race can help turn into a bonding experience! Just like a traditional relay race, you would split your family into teams. One person would have their go searching for an egg, and once they’ve found one, they would pass the baton (or, basket!) onto the next team member. Then, at the end, they would split their winnings. Not only is this approach a lot of fun, it’s also a great way to teach your kids about the importance of sharing and teamwork.


4. Have a golden ticket

Instead of playing Easter Bunny, you could play Willy Wonka this year by including one egg with a golden ticket inside. Just like the movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, whoever finds this egg could win themselves a special prize — whether it’s choosing what movie you watch that night, or an outing of their choosing. That said, if you have young children, you may choose to include one golden ticket per person to avoid teas! You can make your own golden ticket by dyeing a hard-boiled egg gold or applying gold glitter to a smaller piece of cardboard, and inserting it into a plastic egg.

5. Get involved

By giving these unique Easter Hunt ideas a go, you can organise an egg-xcellent activity that kids and adults alike will love! The best thing about Easter Egg hunts is that everyone wins. That is, apart from the person who hides the eggs! Although it’s always great to see the family enjoying themselves, why should you have to miss out on all the fun just because you’re the organiser? Consider nominating someone in the family to hide eggs for you too, so that you can get involved. This can also be a lot of fun for the kids, who can team up as they hide your eggs in tricky spots!