Cowch has launched a Caramilk Menu

Caramilk fans! Cowch has launched an entire menu dedicated to your favourite chocolate, Caramilk! Treat yourself to the sweetest Caramilk dessert pizzas, cocktails, pancakes and more. Here's a sneak peak of the delicious menu available at Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar for a limited time...

Caramilk Mega - Mocktail
Milk, caramel syrup, condensed milk, caramelised condensed milk ice cream, blended and served in a share bowl. Topped with whipped cream, caramel popcorn, Caramilk and caramel drizzle.

Caramilk Cocktail
White chocolate liqueur, caramel liqueur and condensed milk. Served with a caramel rim, mini Belgian waffle, strawberry and Caramilk.
📸  @theblondeeats

Caramilk Hot Chocolate
Double shot of caramel topped with whipped cream and Caramilk.
📸  @pinktulip22

Caramilk Pancake Stack
Three warm pancakes layered with Caramilk and shortbread crumble Topped with caramelised condensed milk ice cream, caramel and more Caramilk.

Caramilk Waffle Sandwich
Two scoops of caramelised condensed milk ice cream, caramel, strawberries, shortbread crumble and Caramilk sandwiched between two toasted Belgian waffles, topped with caramel and a strawberry.